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The Kick Them All Out Project


Members Available For Speaking To Your Organization

The most incredible thing about The Kick Them All Out Project and the Fire Congress Campaign is the fact that it's the missing piece for almost every progressive movement in existence.   The key to advancing any positive change is to create a Congress composed of people that are actually interested in positive change. 

Right now, most all attempts to effect meaningful changes are met with total opposition, or massive amounts of stonewalling simply because the people in power don't want anything to change. And since the people currently in our Congress serve the interests of those that guarantee they get reelected, the powerful special interest groups, the last thing they are going to do is support anything coming from our side of the equation.

No matter what you're trying to accomplish, your odds of success will dramatically increase if we all establish a Freshman Congress.  Wipe the slate as clean as we can and impose our will on that institution in the most powerful way that we imaginable.  Until our will is REALLY FELT, no organization stands much chance of significantly changing the status quo in Washington. 

The Kick Them All Out Project and the Fire Congress Campaign is the only action plan out there that will empower the efforts of your group by adding the missing element needed to create an environment in Washington that would be much more open to the changes you are working so hard to make happen.

For Media Interviews
The founder of The Kick Them All Out Project, Bruce McDonald is available by appointment.  Other members may be available for interviews if Bruce is not.

Bruce McDonald
Bruce is the Founder of "The Kick Them All Out Project."  Bruce is known for cutting through the crap in a very entertaining and informative way.  If you would like to give your audience more than just an endless stream of bad news, here's your chance.  Bruce will provide your audience with practical, doable ways for us all to fight back against the terrible march towards globalization that is destroying our nation and this planet.  This is not just a message of empty hope.  It's a message of how to fight and win the next Great American Revolution.

Listen to one of his latest 30 minute interviews here.

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