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Free Video Library

Tuesday, June 04 2013 @ 02:00 PM EDT
Contributed by: BMcDonald
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An alert and well-informed population is the only way to ensure our liberties and freedoms are preserved.  One of the primary ways that those inclined to abuse their wealth and power use to manage large populations is by simply controlling information.  As long as they can ensure that very few of us know the truth about what they are actually doing, they will continue to get away with their crimes. Tremendous resources are put into making sure we are fed a steady diet of the version of reality they wish us to believe through all forms of the main stream media.

This free video library has been established to give you a convenient way to get up to speed on what's really going on in the world around us.  This section contains videos that cover essential information you should be aware of if you truly want to be a well-informed American citizen.


9-11: The Truth
Agenda 21/Depopulation
Banking & Currency
   and World Banking Systems

Big Brother
Climate Change/Global Warming
Corporate Corruption
Crimes Against Children
Economic Warfare
Elections/Election Info
Energy Issues/Nuclear
Environmental Issues

Eugenics (Population Control)
Food Issues/GMOs
Government Lies & Corruption
Government Tyranny

Health And Health Freedom
Illegal Immigration
Institutionalized Fraud
Intel Agencies-NSA, CIA
IRS and The Income Tax Fraud
Israel/Rothschild Zionism/Palestinian Conflict

Mad Science
Media Corruption
Medical Industrial Complex
Native People Injustices
North American Union

Police Brutality/Corruption
Police State/Big Brother

Social Engineering
Special Interest Lobbying
State Sponsored Terrorism
and False Flag Operations

War On Drugs
War, War Crimes and War Profiteering
Weather Modification/Geoengineering

Just Plain Fascinating
The Lighter Side of Things

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