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Why Do You Attack Al Gore If This Is A Non-Partisan Project?

I was actually surprised to get this one.  I hate to be the one to break the news to you but Al Gore isn't in politics anymore.  The man is fair game.

If someone other than Al Gore was spear heading the global warming propaganda machine, misrepresenting the reality of global warming to amplify the hysteria, they'd be the one being attacked.  Just happens Al Gore is the Global Warming Guru.

It’s a fact that Al Gore is lying about the number of scientist that disagree with the version of global warming reality he is hammering over everyone's head.  He insists it just a tiny, tiny number of people that are as moronic as people who believe the moon landing was film in a sound stage in Hollywood.  The fact of the matter is there are tens of thousands of scientists that disagree with what he's selling.  See this article if you don't believe me.

And he misrepresents a great many other things, like portraying Polar bears as if they are stranded on chunks of ice, as if they can't swim 60 miles without stopping, without breaking a sweat.  There is more than enough info on this web site to prove Al Gore is lying about a great many things. 

He's just launched a 300 million dollar advertising campaign to keep the lies going and he intends to con and recruit millions of kids into perpetuating his scam.  We hear nothing but ridicule aimed at the 19,000 scientists that don't agree and yet Al Gore's ad campaign in presenting us with such climate experts as Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson for crying out loud.  Oh Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson can't agree on anything BUT the fact the Global Warming is going to kill us all!  

If you aren't aware, Al Gore's personal fortunes have exploded over this.  He gets $100,000 to $150,000 just to give a talk.  His personal fortune is now over $100 million.  There is tremendous conflict of intersts with what he's doing.  And did you forget that "he's a friggin politician?"  Don't you find it the least bit weird that people clamor to accept an 'ex-politician's" presentation as if he's a climate expert, and as if you can trust a politician?

Check out our entire section loaded with stories that refute Al Gore's self serving version of global warming reality.

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