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Video: Zeitgeist - Part 2: The Orchestration of The Never Ending War On Terror

This is part two of the documentary Zeitgeist.  Zeitgeist means "the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as defined by the ideas and beliefs of the time."   Part two exposes the truth behind the events of 9-11 and the reality that it was deliberately orchestrated by the global elites to start yet another war through which they can continue their agenda for world conquest.  Please see part 3 for a complete history of how they have done the very same thing to start every other major war, wars which they profit massively from.

Part 1 jumps into the fray with a discussion of religion as one of the oldest and most powerful forms of control known to man.  While it focuses primarily on Christianity, it reveals how the religious stories told to believers are remarkably similar between religions and it's stunning to trace them back long before Christ was ever bornSee Part 1 here.

Part 3 covers the primary hub of global control.  The banking systems of the world.  This part exposes the absolute fraud of the entire banking system and how total control over currency and credit allows a handful of people to control just about everything of significance.  See Part 3 here

For more info on the movie please visit the official web site at:

The Engineering of the Never Ending War On Terror

Zeitgeist: Part 2

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