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Video: Zeitgeist - Addendum

This is a new presentation from the makers of the original Zeitgeist movie.  It's specifically focused on the banking system and is a must see for everyone.  Money is critical and central to all of our lives and yet very few of us understands anything about how our monetary and banking system really works.   YOU MUST WATCH THIS FILM if you really want to understand what is going on in our economy.  The ruthless, predatory bankers have been the scourge of the planet since the very first money lender appeared.   They are engineering the current financial crisis just as they created the great depression in order to consolidate even more wealth and power into their own selfish greedy hands.  The film also provides a vision for what the world could look like if these lunatics were removed from power and the corrupt system were replaced with one that supported weapons of mass creation rather than weapons of mass destruction.  This film presents a true picture of the world we currently find ourselves in and makes it very clear  that WE are responsible for supporting it thus far.  It's up to us to stop supporting it.  And it's up to us to create the kind of world we want.

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