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Video: We Are Americans and We Are Not Afraid!

This nation used to be called "Land of the Free Home of the Brave."  Freedom and Liberty requires courage.  A free nation requires a brave and independent population.  True leaders inspire such things.  Our so-called leaders do nothing but perpetuate fear and dependence on the government.  These are not leaders worthy of our trust and support if we truly wish to live in a free country. 

The people currently in control of our nation have conned everyone into believing something that is totally insane.  They have far too many people believing that it makes complete sense to give up your liberties and freedoms so you can have them.  They have everyone afraid they are going to be killed by some rabid, fundamentalist Islamic terrorist, when most people in this country has never even met a Muslim, much less a radical that wants to blow them up.  

There are many, many greater threats to your safety than terrorism and you face them every day without a second thought.
  The truth of the matter is you're far more likely to die from too much salt for God's sake.  Yes, 150,000 people die in this country every year from the hypertension caused by eating too much salt.  Over 3/4 million people die from prescription drugs!   So if our so-called leaders where worth a damn, they'd be inspiring courage and putting the true threat of terrorism in proper perspective.   But they aren't dong that because they aren't interested in protecting you.  They want to control you.  They want you afraid of your friggin shadow.

This short video contains a classic speech from the movie "The Matrix" when the character Morphius speaks to the remainder of the human race.  You can easily replace every reference to Zion with the word America, or whatever the name of your country is.  And for the word "machines" substitute the words "global elite." 

We Are Americans And We Are Not Afraid!

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