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Video: The Top 4 Unanswered Questions About 9-11 (Only 15 minutes)

If you haven't revisited the events of 9-11 since it happened, or you know of someone you would like to revisit the events, this short video is an ideal place to start.  This 14 minute video reveals that our government has not told us the truth about what happened that horrific day. 

This video highlights 4 of the most obvious questions that still, after all these years, remain unanswered and totally ignored by our government.  They refuse to answer them.  There is no good reason for not doing so. It speaks volumes about what kind of people we have running our government.  These are not conspiracy theories.  These are simply valid questions that we should be demanding answers to.

Top 4 Unanswered Questions About 9-11
Only 15 minutes

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9-11 Mysteries: Demolitions

Thermite was used to cut through the beams that brought down the towers.  Uncombusted thermate was found in the dust of the aftermath.  What isn't commonly known is there is a more advance form that can be mixed with paint and literally sprayed onto the beams.  The following is a test that was done with this paint applied to only one side of a steal beam.  Imagine if it was on all four siides?

Thermite Painted on a Beam

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This next film is produced by
Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth.  This is a remarkably detailed presentation from architect Richard Gage. 

9-11 Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction

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After I first became aware of these, and many more, unanswered questions about what happened on 9-11 I was understandably sent into shock.  I could not believe that I'd never seen or heard any of it before.  None of it was covered in the mainstream media.  In fact, it was all whitewashed or debunked with the back of a hand.  No serious attempt has ever been made to answer any of these legitimate questions by our "officials."  I urge you to watch all the excellent movies now out about 9-11.  I think "Achitects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth - Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out," and "9-11 Mysteries" are two of the best.  You can view them below for free.

There is a huge amount of material on this site that exposes the fact that our government has knowingly kept a great deal from us about that event.  I believe they have done so primarily to capitalize on the event in order to justify the war they began right after, a war that is reeking havoc around the world and destroying our own liberties and freedoms in the name of protecting us from the terrorist threat.  Please don't be afraid to look at this stuff.  Yes, it's disturbing to think such things about our government.  But it's far worse to allow such a thing to go on simply because we prefer not to believe our government wouldn't lie about such things.  We all know they lie all the time.  We all just have to buck up and face the fact that there really is no limit to what they are willing to lie about.

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Authored by: tinkerthinker on Thursday, September 17 2009 @ 11:54 AM EDT

I just can't get into this,, I am no expert of course but even I know that steel is a conduit for heat and given the nature of the fire a quick heat would cause the destruction. This is a red herring. For another thing these planes were not going at normal speed especially the one that hit the Pentagon and the one in PA. I hate conspiracy theories like this. Stupid. I wish it were not on this site. I am a conservative republican and I resent these articles/videos. Proof for me was when the overpass in California melted....duhhh...


Also no one addressed the fact that the builders probably used substandard materials

Authored by: BMcDonald on Thursday, September 17 2009 @ 12:41 PM EDT

Your limited knowledge isn't the best formula for discerning the truth my friend.  Your comment about steel being conductor of heat is more evidence that fires from jet fuel could not have possibly melted the steel as they claim because the heat would have been dissipated out through the steel framing.  The nature of steel as a conduit doesn't amplify heat, it dissipates it, disperses it.

And the bridge you mention is apples and oranges.  A 100 story steel framed skyscraper is built nothing like a that simple bridge that collapsed.

You need to watch the presentation give by architect Richard Gage before you write this stuff off.  Based on what you just said, you simply don't have any info to make an informed judgement yet.   Did you know that 6 of the 10 9-11 commissioners are on record saying the commission was a sham and that the government and military colluded to lie and cover up what really happened?

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