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The Kick Them All Out Project


Video: The Precinct Project - How To Take Back Control of Our Elections

We hear many Americans proclaim they want their country back.  They want their Constitutional Republic back.  But we never hear anyone explain exactly how we can bring that about. 

Well here is the knowledge you've been looking for.  It couldn't be simpler either.  It's call the Precinct project.  Mr. Jim Condit explains exactly who makes all the decisions about our entire political process and how we can KICK THEM ALL OUT and replace them with ordinary citizens that was to restore the rule of law to our nation.

Jim Condit has been working to create fair and honest elections for almost 30 years now. Unless we have fair and honest elections, how can we possibly have a truly representative government? 

Take Back Our Elections And Our Country
With The Precinct Project

If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.

Here is a recent interview with Jim Condit
on my radio show "The Politics of Common Sense."

Download Podcast

Go To

And they have a national meetup to facilite the organization
of ever precinct in the country.  Please join this meetup
and help make this happen!

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Authored by: CamisaNegra on Tuesday, November 23 2010 @ 07:24 AM EST

Agree with the idea-- good video. Little simplistic but that is needed. Also, dollars & time involved! I already downloaded it from SE to have it as a proof)) In our area, we have pleaded with people to get involved and join us. Our Arkansas County GOP county meetings are open meetings. Assuming all of us who have already been working have been overwhelmed by people ignoring working ALL year. Also, people like to run and fill a precinct seat and then never do anything. People running must agree to the party beliefs and platforms.

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