Sunday, November 29 2020 @ 06:41 PM EST  
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Video: TRILLIONS Missing From Pentagon Budget Prior to 9-11

If any of you still think that this war is justified, that it's reasonable to spend 1.4 Trillion (and that's just what they are admitting to so far) to apprehend the people responsible for the events of 9-11, then no wonder this country is going down the tubes.  Stupidity just doesn't capture the level of stone cold willful ignorance you embody.  Do you remember the day before 9-11, our beloved Rumsfeld announced our new enemy was the "Pentagon Bureaucracy!"  He announced, the day before 9-11 that the Pentagon could not account for over 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS!!  

We need to snap out of it people.  The people that control our government and use our military and mainstream media to advance their own "private" selfish interests MUST BE STOPPED.  If we don't end this by taking back control of our Congress and demand that our representatives put an end to the corporate control of our government and military, we are not going to survive as a nation much longer.  Nobody is going to do it for us.  The people in charge now are perfectly happy with the way things are going.  It's up to US to change things.  We need to snap out of the stupor most of us are in and express the outrage required to take action.

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