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Video: Government - THE Largest Special Interest Group!

We all know special interest lobbying is a huge problem in our government.  This video presents some enlightening information about the fact that the influence of special interests reach far beyond lobbying.  It also has a profound influence on the way we vote.  The growth of government/military and the jobs that go along with it has millions of people voting to perpetuate an out-of-control government simply to protect their jobs. 

Pretty much everything in this world is driven by self-interests.  Even the charitable things we do are driven by a self-interested desire to be to be a better person, one that isn't always doing things for material gain.   When you realize the enormous number of people employed by government and those on government assistance, you realize we are in a vicious self-sustaining cycle where it's increasingly difficult to reign in an out-of-control government because so many are dependent of it being that way.

Government - The Largest Special Interest Group!

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