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You Can't Bank On The Bankers

You Cannot Bank On The Bankers.
Well, you can bank on them screwing you!

It's time to focus on the single biggest source of the problems we are facing, the bankers. The banking system we are forced to use is absolutely corrupt from top to bottom. It is utterly fraudulent by design. This system provides a small handful of the worst kind of people the single largest unfair advantage against everyone else ever devised. It also provides the single most powerful means to enslave humanity.

One of the primary institutions the bankers set up to orchestrate their fraud is the Federal Reserve Banking System. Many still have no idea that the Federal Reserve isn't any more Federal than Federal Express. Look it up in the phone book. It's not in the blue pages folks. It's a totally private corporation set up by the bankers for the bankers. It was not setup for our benefit. It was established to force us all into their corrupt system. The Federal Reserve System is the means they've used to institutionalize and legitimize the fraud they've been committing for almost 100 years now.

The central fraud of this lovely system they cooked up is something called "fractional reserve banking." In a nutshell, it's a nifty little device that allows bankers to claim they have more money than they really have.
Lots more money than they really have. For example, if you were a bank and I deposited one million dollars in your bank, you would get to say you have ten million dollars. Isn't that wonderful? You didn't have to do anything to actually earn that extra nine million dollars. Just because you're that special breed of person called a banker, you get to do that. Then you get to lend out those nine million dollars to other people and charge interest on it. If the people can't pay you back for some reason, you get to take whatever "real" assets they had put up as loan collateral. Of course, you never tell those you lent the money to that you acquired the money through a fraudulent process.

How many of you thought the money banks lend out comes from customer deposits? That's what I always thought. I thought I was borrowing other people's money. Banks certainly want you to believe that. Fact of the matter is none of the money they lend comes from deposits or assets. It's ALL created out of thin air. They do nothing to earn it and they do nothing to earn the interest they heap on top of it.

How long would you stay out of jail if you did that with your checking account? What would happen to you if you deposited a thousand dollars in your checking account and started writing checks for ten thousand dollars? If you were lucky, you may last a week before the cops showed up. However, bankers do it all day, every day and it's perfectly legal.

The bankers have managed to legitimatize and institutionalize counterfeiting. It's the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the planet. Using this fraud, the bankers have just about enslaved the entire world under mountains of fraudulent debt they claim is owed to them.

It can't be said too many times.
The main thing everyone needs to realize is the banks do nothing to earn the money they lend. Nothing! They are literally counterfeiting money. If you don't pay them back, they have not suffered any loss. They have risked absolutely nothing to begin with. Again, the fundamental fraud is that we are led to believe when we borrow money from a bank, as a loan or on a credit card, we are borrowing someone else's hard-earned money. This short video "How Bankers Control The World" presents the truth about the fraudulent banking system we are forced to participate in.

The quote of the week, "Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws" by Mayer Amschel Rothschild sums up the character and intent of those in control of the global banking cartels. Once you have control over the money you can exert control over everything else because you then have the power to loan out piles of money you create out of thin air. If people and institutions don't do your bidding you simply threaten to dry up credit or call in loans to compel people to comply.

This is exactly what is going on right now. The bankers are exercising their power like never before in history because they know people are learning about their fraud in record numbers. They know the gravy train is about to dry up so they are exploiting their power while they still have it. This is why they have literally tripled the national debt in the last nine months. They have stolen about 24 trillion dollars so far (this is just what we know about) and there's no end in site. They are drying up credit, calling in loans, throwing people out of their houses and for what? So they can have it all folks.

This is who these people are. They are not nice people by any stretch of the imagination. I mentioned in another newsletter that they could have taken nine trillion of those 24 trillion dollars and paid off every mortgage in the country. The banks still would have gotten the nine trillion but everyone in the country would have had their houses paid for as well. Imagine how that would have stimulated the economy? But no! The bankers want all the money AND all the houses. They want it all.

Am I saying all banking is bad and we need to get rid of it all? Certainly not. Banking is an important industry. I'm just talking about getting rid of corrupt banking. A perfect image of who good bankers are and who bad bankers are can be found in the film "It's A Wonderful Life." Here you have the classic bad banker, Mr. Potter, who cares for little except his dominance over everyone else in town. Then we have an example of a good banker, George Bailey, head of the family-owned Bailey Savings and Loan.

The Bailey Savings and Loan represents the way banking should be conducted. It's a public service more than anything else. The Bailey Savings and Loan is not in business to rape everyone in town. It was set up to provide an essential service to the community and it provided an honest living for those who work for it. The Bailey's recognize there are far more important values in life than the profit motive and they have no desire to dominate others.

Mr. Potter's banking operation is something else entirely. Mr. Potter is a predator and cares nothing about values other than maximum profit and control. Mr. Potter relishes manipulating people into his web and squeezing them once they are in it. There's is a wonderful scene where George Bailey, out of desperation meets with Mr. Potter and is offered a handsome job that would make all George's dreams come true and solve all his immediate problems. At the last moment, after shaking Mr. Potters hand, he suddenly remembered who Potter really was. He realizes he just shook hands with a ruthless snake so he wipes his hand on his pant leg to get the slime off. George snapped out of the dream world that Potter sucked him into and he realizes he could no more work for Potter than he could sell his children for a new car.

Money is supposed to be a public resource used for the public welfare not a private resource for a greedy corrupt few.

Money is needed to facilitate the free exchange of goods and services. One of the most important roles of government is to provide a sound monetary system that can ensure the economy functions smoothly. From the very beginning of our country, the European bankers worked to steal control over the monetary system and were successful in setting up two previous central banks in this country. Yes, we have had two previous central banks before the Federal Reserve Bank. The first two had 25-year charters and each time they used their power over the currency and credit to take over everything in sight. Both previous central banks were shut down because of their ruthlessness and abuses.

In 1913, the bankers finagled a 100-year charter for their third central bank, the Federal Reserve. Since 1913 they have used their claim of ownership over money to create the nightmare we see today, a nightmare where they own and control just about everything in sight. If we don't take this power away from them, they will enslave the entire planet. They are dangerously close to achieving it right now. Remember, these are people that will steal 24 trillion dollars, claim we all have to pay it back, and then throw grandmothers out of homes they've lived in the bulk of their lives. They do this every day without any pang of conscience, a
ll the time knowing full well they never earned a dime they claim is owed to them.

Everyone must understand the carnage we are witnessing is not going to stop as long as the bankers have control of our monetary system and as long as they are allowed to continue the fraud of fractional reserve banking. As long as bankers can create money and do nothing to earn it, they will have a massive unfair advantage over everyone else.

The good news is we can take back control over our monetary system from them and end fractional reserve banking if we take back control of the Congress who gave control to them in the first place. The only institution empowered to end this insanity is the Congress. It is crucial that we regain control.

This is the goal of the Fire Congress Campaign.

The only way we can establish a powerful influence over Congress is to show them who the boss is. Right now, we're not the boss. Members of Congress can do anything they want and the bankers make sure they have all the resources they need to ensure they get to keep their jobs. We have to wise up really fast and realize they are all going to get to keep their jobs yet again unless we get revolutionary in our thinking and our actions.

The Fire Congress Campaign shows you how to get revolutionary with the next election by showing you how to cast votes in a way that will maximize the odds of defeating incumbents and render vote tampering ineffectual. It's going to take huge numbers and a LOUD national buzz as well to make it happen, but if we don't do what we have to do, I guarantee you every single one of these traitors in Congress will be re-elected yet again. We may not even get another shot at it the way things are going.

Help us convince voters to get revolutionary. We have to all become political atheists, shed our dysfunctional political identities if we have one and treat the next election as a purely utilitarian act that’s necessary to remove these traitors en mass. We can only do what needs to be done if we are totally dispassionate about it and simply throw all our money, support and votes to the strongest challengers to incumbents. It’s the only way to remove them. It cannot be done if our votes are split down the middle like they usually are. We have to get as ruthless with them as they are with us. At this point, it makes no difference who replaces them. All that matters is members of Congress pay a price for what they've done and are doing. The only price we can make them pay is BOOTING THEM OUT ON THEIR EARS. If we do this, all the new freshman members of Congress will know WE NOW HAVE A SAY. Right now, we have no say. We have no influence. We have to establish clear undeniable influence before there’s any hope of meaningful change.

“The Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our constitution… if the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
~ Thomas Jefferson

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