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The Kick Them All Out Project


Putting It All Into Perspective

end government corruption by kicking out all corporate special interest lobbying and career politicians
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Before the results of the last election were final we saw Republicans celebrating exactly like the Democrats celebrated when they won control of Congress and the Messiah was enthroned at the White House. Conservatives are acting the same way, as if some huge change has occurred and the "Republican are now going to save us!" Seriously, when has either party ever saved us?! The Republicans are just as responsible as the Democrats for the mess we're in.

Truth is, there wasn't much more turnover of incumbents than usual, which is typically about 15%. It appears that most of the turnover occurred because about 40 people decided to retire. This means that 85% of the incumbents that ran again, the same people that have betrayed our trust so many times we can't count, are sill in office!

We threw away another golden opportunity to hold them ALL accountable. WE wasted another chance to FIRE THEM ALL! Far too many of us bought into the left/right paradigm again and failed to see we cannot afford to keep playing "their game." When we do, we lose. It's as certain as trying to beat the odds in Vegas. The House ALWAYS comes out on top when you play their games.

We have to become as ruthless with Congress critters as they are with us. We have to look at the election process with complete dispassion if we want to "actually" throw the bums out. We have to look at elections as a purely utilitarian act necessary to hold members of Congress accountable in the only way that we can, by removing them from office. At this point, it makes no difference who replaces an incumbent. None. What would make a difference is if incumbents were replaced en mass! If we did this just once, the whole game would change in ways we can't even imagine. It would shake up the status quo like nothing else could.

In the next election the powers-that-be will do their best to fixate everyone's attention on the totally controlled presidential race. Most everyone will ignore the heart of the problem, the Congress and become caught up in the presidential circus. The powers-that-be will once again con everyone into believing the most important issue is who the El Presidente is. They do this to drive everyone who still clings to a political identity into their respective camps. The powers-that-be know most people who vote still have strong political identities. Emphasizing the importance of these identities ensures that most of the vote will be split down the middle making most races fairly close, thus easy as pie to rig if necessary. All election results have to be is "believable."

Friends, it's a CON. The whole game is a con aimed at convincing you that political ideology has some real meaning in politics. It doesn't. It's a charade that hides the fact that no matter which party appears to be in power, there is an underlying continuity of agenda that moves forward regardless of which party "seems" to be in control. Overall, both parties endorse and push big government and do nothing to rid government of banking and corporate control. Things have gone so far that there is no longer any meaningful distinction between government and big business. Criminal global banking cartels and their to-big-bail corporations have seized the coercive power of government and are using it to impose their will on us all.

The simple truth is, if Congress was doing its job, the Congress could set everything right. It's not about El Presidente. It's about Congress. The Congress has more power than the executive branch. Sure the President can sign or veto bills but the important point to remember is it all starts with Congress. REMEMBER . . .

Even if the president vetoes a bill, the Congress can override the veto. We have to realize that the Congress encourages fixation on the President so they can pass the buck, blame what they are doing on the Executive branch.

Fact is, Presidents have no Constitutional authority to do most of the things they claim they can do. They can only ask the Congress to do what they want. The Congress could have stopped everything that's happening; the wars, the Wall Street takeover, the TRILLION DOLLAR defense budget they just passed. Our so-called representatives have sold us out so many times it makes my head spin and what do we all do? We not only let them keep their jobs but we also allow them to give themselves a raise for the fine job of screwing us. Last time round they gave themselves a $4,500 raise. When was the last time you got a raise like that? The way we've been holding our representatives accountable is to let them keep their $174,000 a year jobs so they can stick it to us for another two years! In case you're wondering, that's $14,500 a month!

Listen. If we are ever going to get a grip on our government, we're going to have to start acting like the employers that we are. The Congress critters work for US, not the central bankers and transnational corporations. What would you do If you owned a company and none of your employees listened to you, they lied to you, didn't do the jobs you gave them to do, and in fact, were actually working for your competition and selling your company down the river as fast as they could?  I don't think you'd keep them on and give them a raise!

Well, that's exactly what we've been doing, only in this case, your company is our Federal Government, and your employees are the 435 members in the House of Representatives and the 100 members of the Senate, virtually all of them working for the criminal global banking cartels and their transnational corporations (the competition). These entities, that have absolutely no allegiance to our country, have achieved a hostile takeover of our government on every level and are using the powers of our own government to have their way with us.

What the heck happened to that thing called "the wisdom of the American people?"   You don't reward employees that betray you.  YOU FIRE THEM!  It's the most obvious and immediate remedy.  You don't worry that their replacement may turn out to be as bad.  In fact, it's much less likely the replacements will be as bad when they know you will not tolerate such things, that you will not hesitate to fire anyone that lies and betrays your trust.  Employees are far more likely to toe the line and actually do their jobs as best they can when they know they can't get away with anything less.

Of course, no analogy is perfect.  This one breaks down in the sense that a company couldn't actually fire everyone all at once unless the entire company shut down.  Lucky for us, our Congress isn't engaged in actually producing goods or services (the bureaucracies that Congress has set up handle all government services).  All Congress does is enact laws and authorize spending.  It's just the legislative branch of government.  We could easily go without any new laws authored by "corporate/special interest" for quite some time.  So in this case, firing a large number of traitorous Congressional employees is imminently doable and quite frankly is the only thing we can do to slam the brakes on the corporate driven freight train that is railroading all of us into a nation ruled by corporate colonialism.

There are people we have elected to Congress who have been there 10, 20, 30, 40, even over 50 years! Our Congress has been betraying our trust and selling us out for generations.  They not only suffer no consequences for what they've done; they've benefited greatly from their wheeling and dealing.  They take an oath to protect our best interests and defend our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and yet they make a mockery of that oath.

Republicans and Democrats take the exact same oath of office and very few of them take it seriously. 

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

There are several very good reasons we make them all take this oath. The primary reason is to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that the job we're hiring them to do is to make sure nothing unconstitutional happens. I read a quote the other day attributed to Senator John Glenn in which he said something to the effect, "If we had to apply the Constitution to all the legislation that passes before us, we wouldn't be able to pass anything."

This is the whole point of the Constitution. If followed, it limits the ability of the Federal government to tax, regulate and control our lives. THIS is the job we're hiring representatives to do for us. We're not hiring them to crank out endless streams of legislation - most of which only benefits selfish private interests.

Also, strict adherence to the Constitution is the ONLY thing that makes it a LOT harder for those with the most wealth to seize the powers of government and use it for their own selfish purposes.  Our Congress has totally abdicated their responsibilities and handed the powers of government over to corporate interests that have absolutely no allegiance to this nation, to the Constitution, and certainly not to playing fair.  Both major political parties are complicit.  They have shredded the Constitution and Bill of Rights and are about to blow the Constitutional Confetti into the air as they celebrate "closing the deal" with their "real employers," the transnational corporate interests that have orchestrated the whole mess.

The dominant ideologies of the most destructive and powerful transnational corporations are predatory and tyrannical in nature.  The notion that they are even remotely interested in such things as "free trade," or democracy flies in the face of basic common sense.  The corporations wreaking the most havoc on this planet, the central banks, the military, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and energy industrial complexes, have set up monopolies and cartels by using the powers of government to legislate and regulate the industries they wish to control.  The people inclined to abuse their wealth and power do what they always have done throughout history.  They TAKE the most, give the least, and don't give a damn about the rest of humanity.

There is a mountain of evidence, a small fraction of it is posted on this web site, to prove that powerful transnational corporations, through their control of our election process, the legislative powers of government, the courts, the international treaty process, the world's currencies and of course, virtually total control of our mainstream media, have just about totally taken over our country.  If we don't take control of Congress away from them, and fast, by a massive act of civil disobedience like this project is proposing (by not voting the way they want us to), we are simply not going to survive as a nation much longer the way things are going.

What sense does it make to allow the vast majority of people in Congress to remain there for one second longer than absolutely necessary? There is an endless stream of people pissing and moaning about how Congress is screwing us up one side and down the other and yet nobody will do a damn thing to MAKE SURE they all get voted out of office. If we don't make a point of doing just that, most all of them will get reelected yet again and they will most certainly give themselves another raise for the fine job of screwing us they've been doing. Then they will wrap up the task of destroying this country for the International Bankers, the people they really work for. We pay their salaries and the Bankers reap all the rewards. It's INSANE to allow any of the people to remain in Congress!

So here's the bottom line. If you're one of those people that is screaming and yelling and complaining about what the Congress is doing to us all, and you are not helping to make sure the people doing it are removed from office, then what's the point of all the complaining? At the very least, don't you think holding them accountable should mean the people WE KNOW ARE BETRAYING US lose their seat in Congress?

If most people continue to vote the way they usually do, in a way that allows most incumbents to be reelected, how are we holding any of them accountable for anything? We need your help to convince enough voters to vote differently, to deliberately vote for an incumbent's strongest competitor in order to make sure the incumbent will be voted out of office. We need you to help us convince enough voters to Vote for America in the upcoming election, not a political party.

We can totally hijack the upcoming election and use the
power of our votes to effect sweeping change NOW!

Please see our FAQ Section for answers to all the questions
and doubts you may be experiencing right now.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible,
and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
- Francis of Assisi

We must start fixing the mess we're all in
by first "doing what's necessary."
Our employees need to KNOW we will fire them
when they betray our trust.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Mead


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