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Is Your Allegiance To This Country Or To A Political Party?

Our political system is supposed to be set up to allow us to elect representatives that will look out for our best interests and defend against the inevitable tendency of those with the most wealth and power to exploit their advantage over the rest of us.  One look at the current state of politics in this country and its’ pretty obvious the inevitable has happened.  So much so that those with the most wealth and power have literally taken control of our entire government and political process. 

They have distorted the purpose of elections from a way to choose worthy representatives into a big sporting event to determine which of the two dominate political parties will control the purse strings in Congress.  They have successfully conned everyone into believing that the whole point is whether or not your 'party' wins.   It’s become nothing more than another big American sporting event.  If you doubt it, just imagine what a crowd screaming and yelling at a football game looks like and what a crowd at a major political convention looks like.  They may be dressed a bit better at the convention, but there’s not much difference in the way they act.  And when the game is over, all we really get is to feel we either won or lost.  And really, nowadays, even the winning team starts to feel they actually lost as well.  When Congress resumes business, we see that absolutely nothing of consequence has changed for the people controlling the game.

For many, there is nothing more important than winning, getting 'their party's people' into office, regardless of whether or not those people are actually going to be the best people we can find.  In fact, we know most all the people we get to choose from have sold us out long before they ended up on the ballots.  We know full well we never get anything but a pile of opportunists and we get to pick the least bad choice.  Virtually all of them have been completely groomed to make sure business as usual continues in government.  They are primarily career politicians that know full well “we the people” have very little to do with who gets elected. 

I mean really people!  How many of you can look anyone in the eye, and with a straight face, tell them that out of over 300 million people in this country, out of all the good, honorable, intelligent people we have here, the best people we can come up with to represent us is the lot that are trotted out for us to pick from?  This has been going on for so long now that entire generations actually think this is the way politics is supposed to work.  

Well, I’m here to tell you this is not supposed to be the way it works!  If we don’t shatter this left/right contrivance that only serves the interest of those with the most wealth and power, we are not going to survive as a nation much longer.  This left/right paradigm does nothing more than facilitate the tried and true method of divide and conquer the ruling class has used throughout history.  It works.  It’s the easiest way to appropriate most of the wealth and power for themselves, while we’re all bickering and fighting over nonsense.  They literally see us as the stupid masses, nothing more than sheeple.  And it’s sad to say; we act like it most of the time.  

I personally don’t care what party a person belongs to.  I only care if they are interested in honoring their oath to defend and protect my best interests, this country and the Constitution.  I’m only interested in if they can speak candidly and honestly.  I only care if they are willing to eliminate corruption on all levels and enforce the rule of law.  Right now, we primarily have a bunch of liars, cheats and political opportunists that see serving in public office is a sure way to wealth and power.  Right now, the people supposed to be representing US are selling us out at every turn. They are supposed to be ‘public servants’ not “officials” that can simply write laws that make all their criminal activity and their masters criminal activity legal!  By continuing to go along with party politics at this point will only ensure that we continue to have criminals and professional liars at the helm of our government.  

Our allegiance should be to each other and this country, not political parties.  Allegiance to political parties leads to what we have now.  Blind support for the pile of criminals, on both sides.  Supporting people unworthy of support simply because you don’t want your party to loose is absolutely insane.  It’s the behavior of the stupid masses.  We really need to snap out of this contrived left/right conflict and start being much more concerned about what’s best for this country, what’s best for all of us.  The first step should be to take a big step back and look at what we are doing and how we are being played for fools.

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