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The Kick Them All Out Project


FREE Video Library: About This Project and the Fire Congress Campaign

  • Washington You're Fired (Trailer)
    This hard hitting film presents the facts about how close we are to a total tyrannical police state and how urgent the need is for us to take the revolutionary action of FIRING CONGRESS in the upcoming election or we most likely won't even have the right to vote much longer.

    These videos are basically commercials to help spread this campaign to the four corners of this country.  Please link to them, email them and make them go viral over the internet so we can pull the campaign off in the upcoming election and slam the breaks on what the global elite are doing to our nation.

These videos were independently produced by our supporters.

  • Amarillo Tea Party - Congress You're Fired!!
    This is a terrific video produced by supporters Tonya, Ryan and their 4 children. 
    They write:
    Amarillo TX Tea Party. Around 400 people showed up and it was a great day. We did this video to show that there are people who fall into this problem everyday with losing 5million jobs+, home foreclosures, loss of 401ks, etc. The American People are struggling, its time we come together and hit them where it hurts. In the 2010 election. Congress, Your Fired!!!!!

  • Radio Interview with the KTAO Founder
    In this all-too-brief interview, the founder of the Kick Them All Out Project, Bruce McDoanld, squeezes in as much as possible about what the goals of this project are and how we can achieve them.

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