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FREE Video Library: The North American Union

  • What Exactly Is The NAFTA Super Highway?
    This is a clip from a new documentary on the TransTexas Corridor, the first leg of the NAFTA Super Highway that is being put into place without any public knowledge.
  • Truth and Lies of the North American Union
    These clips prove that we are being lied to, yet again, by our government, and our President.  It shows a Canadian Government official matter-of-factly stating what's going on, then the leaders of our country, Mexico and Canada lying that it's even happening.  Sickening!
  • CNN's Lou Dobbs on the North American Union
    These are a few segmets from CNN's Lou Dobbs show.  Lou is the only mainstream newscaster that is covering the startling story and how outrageous it is that our Congress is giving the green light to it all.
  • ENDGAME: Battle For The Republic
    Battle for the Republic examines the globalist plan to balkanize the United States and other Western nations by flooding it with immigrant populations, who are in turn exploited by their corrupt leaders and globalist policies like NAFTA and CAFTA.

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