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FREE Video Library: Institutionalized Fraud

    Diamonds Are About As Rare And Valuable as Cut Glass

    Everyone believes that diamonds are rare and extremely valuable.  But the truth is it's a total fraud.  This 1994 Frontline documentary exposes the truth that yet another massive fraud has been perpetrated by those with the most wealth and power through yet another cartel controlled by a tiny handful of people.
  • Zeitgeist: Part 3 - How The Multinational Bankers Control the World (45 min.)
    This is part three of the documentary Zeitgeist.  The word zeitgeist means "the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as defined by the ideas and beliefs of the time."   Part three details the global elites, those that own and control the central banks and as a result, just about everything else of consequence.  It goes into who they are and what they've done and are doing to this planet to achieve their maniacal goals to control all of mankind.  These are not kind beneficent people.  They are the ones that cause all wars and are behind all the raping and pillaging going on throughout the world.
  • Shocking First Hand Account of Peak Oil Fraud by the Powerful World Bankers and the Oil Cartels - Lecture by Lindsey Williams
    This presentation by Lindsey Williams, a Chaplain for the transalaska oil pipeline project reveals what he witnessed during his time there and the truth that notion of peak oil is a fraud and we have enough oil and gas in Alaska to last 200 years and more.

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