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The Kick Them All Out Project


FREE Video Library: The IRS and Income Tax Fraud

  • America Freedom To Fasism
    This is film is the great gift of the late Aaron Russo, a film that exposes the absolute and utter fraud of the Internal Revenue Service, one of the most ruthless terrorists organizations on the face of the planet.
  • The Fraud of the IRS with Attorney Tom Cryer
    The IRS was set up at the same time and the Federal Reserve Act was passed. It's nothing but a criminal terrorist extortion operation of the Federal Reserve Bank and we all need to wake up about it FAST.
  • Theft By Deception
    This film goes into the actual IRS code to reveal that nowhere does it say that any of us have to pay a tax on our labor.  The federal income tax is a complete fraud, enforced by a terrorist organization called the IRS.  No law exists that requires us to pay an income tax, but our government has extorted one out of us anyway that pours into the coffers of the central bankers.


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