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Enhanced Pat-Downs At NFL Games? America Is Rapidly Turning Into A High-Security Prison

The American Dream

The NFL has announced that it will be implementing “enhanced” pat-downs at all 32 NFL stadiums.  Once this is fully implemented, the 16 million fans that attend games each season will be frisked from the ankles to the knees and from the waist up.  Apparently this new level of security was brought on by a recent incident where a Cowboys fan smuggled a stun gun into a game between the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys and started zapping other fans with it.  As usual, authorities have responded to a minor security incident by massively overreacting to it.

Enhanced Pat Downs At NFL Games? America Is Rapidly Turning Into A
High Security Prison

In the post-9/11 world in which we live, paranoia is standard operating procedure.  Those that are responsible for security are far more interested in “covering their backsides” than they are in respecting the liberty, freedom and dignity of average Americans.  America is rapidly turning into a high-security prison.  When naked body scanners and “enhanced pat-downs” went into U.S. airports, those that warned that we would soon see these types of “Big Brother” security measures pop up at train stations, bus stations, shopping malls and sporting events were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”.

But it turns out that the “conspiracy theorists” did not even fully understand how quickly all of this nonsense was going to spread.  How much “security” is going to be enough?  Where in the world is the line going to be drawn?  If groping all fans is “necessary” for security at all NFL games, how long will it be before it is implemented at all other sporting events across the United States?

Video: Big Sis’ Latest Terrorist; Another White, Middle Class American

PSA’s encouraging Americans to report on each other coincide with dubious terror alert

By Paul Joseph Watson

A Department of Homeland Security PSA now airing on cable news networks depicts yet another white, middle class American as the most likely terrorist, continuing a clear trend of Big Sis characterizing her primary political opposition as domestic extremists and coinciding with a dubious terror alert.

The video shows a well-dressed white man leaving a bag on a train before exiting onto the platform. The PSA is part of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign which encourages people to report “suspicious activity,” and yet the only people seen engaging in suspicious activity in the vast majority of scenarios put to film by the DHS have been well-dressed, white American citizens.

Audio/Video: NPR - Mall of America Visitors Unknowingly End Up In Counterterrorism Reports

Editors Note:  What most people don't realize is that this is just the beginning stages of a tyranical police state.  It may not seem to be a big deal at this point but history shows, if it's not stopped at this early stage, it will become exactly what we fear it will become.  Total, in-your-face police state tyranny.

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By: G.W. Schulz, Andrew Becker, Daniel Zwerdling

NPR: Listen To The Story

Since Sept. 11, the nation's leaders have warned that government agencies like the CIA and the FBI can't protect the country on their own — private businesses and ordinary citizens have to look out for terrorists, too. So the Obama administration has been promoting programs like "See Something, Say Something" and the "Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative."

Under programs like these, public attractions such as sports stadiums, amusement parks and shopping malls report suspicious activities to law enforcement agencies. But an investigation by NPR and the Center for Investigative Reporting suggests that at one of the nation's largest shopping malls, these kinds of programs are disrupting innocent people's lives.

New Homeland Security Report Sees "Evolutionary Shift" in Terror Threat

Activist Post

A new report issued by Homeland Security Policy Institute, a "think and do tank", entitled "
Counterterrorism Intelligence Law Enforcement Perspectives" calls for further centralization of the anti-terror apparatus inside the United States.
The changing, converging nature of threats faced today — especially those from terrorism, transnational crime and the use of technology to carry out criminal behavior — make it imperative that intelligence-led policing be integrated into the decentralized police structures and community policing principles of the United States.
The report lists a hierarchy of threats that include an overall "evolutionary shift" toward "a blended terror threat that unites foreign directed or inspired attacks with homegrown elements and operators."

This policy paper forms the new narrative that could justify the continuing infiltration and crackdown upon peaceful protest, civil disobedience, and even the questioning of American foreign policy and Homeland Security directives, whether on the street or in cyberspace.

The report opens with quotes from the two most ideologically repressive representatives of the Homeland Security initiative: John Ashcroft and Janet Napolitano.  Both of their quotes speak to coordinating federal and local efforts in the "war on terror," which HSPI interpreted as "accepted wisdom that weaving together of national efforts at the local, state, and federal levels is critical to US counterterrorism."

The preface to the report suggests that the current status of intelligence gathering and local police work is in vast disarray, "there is a consensus that . . . intelligence capabilities are lacking, collection is haphazard, resources are underutilized, and the U.S. has a limited ability to develop anticipatory knowledge concerning future attacks, mitigate risks, or respond to emerging threats."

Big Sis Set To Zap Travelers With MRI-Style Scans

Janet Napolitano’s promise that Americans won’t be forced to remove their shoes comes at a price

By Paul Joseph Watson

Big Sis Set To
Zap Travelers With MRI Style Scans

Janet Napolitano’s promise that travelers will soon not be required to take their shoes off at airport security checkpoints comes at a cost – new MRI-style scanners that will zap Americans with a powerful magnetic field that has been linked with numerous health risks.

“Safran Morpho, a firm that was formerly a part of General Electric’s Security division, told POLITICO that their model could be mass produced in a matter of months and that a prototype was already ready.”

“Morpho’s device would scan shoes in three ways: using technology similar to MRIs used in medical settings; explosives trace scanners; and traditional magnetometer metal detection,” according to the Politico report.

However, the new technology is set to be unveiled with barely a whimper of public discussion about the potential health concerns associated with MRI scanning technology, which is normally only used in highly controlled medical settings, and the sanity of allowing such sensitive technology to be operated in busy airports by low-paid TSA security goons.

MRI scans can be dangerous and even fatal for individuals who have implants in their body which contain metal.

10 Facts That Prove Big Sis Is Wrong, Drudge Is Right

Homeland Security has been caught lying again and again about airport security in a bid to undermine genuine privacy concerns

By Paul Joseph Watson

Janet Napolitano’s contention that Matt Drudge is “just wrong” about privacy worries surrounding airport screening technology is completely at odds with the facts, which illustrate how the DHS has been caught time and time again lying about both privacy and health issues in a transparent ploy to undermine genuine concerns.

“I think that what he means is we are watching too much—kind of an Orwellian view. He’s just wrong. I mean, he’s just wrong,” Napolitano told Politico, labeling privacy concerns “overblown”.

A quick fact check however shows that it’s Napolitano who is “just wrong”. The DHS has repeatedly lied about the privacy and health threats posed by naked body scanners in an effort to keep the controversy under wraps, as well as withholding evidence.

- Privacy concerns were completely justified after a recent release under the Freedom of Information Act of DHS plans for the mass rollout of mobile body scanners, documents which were largely redacted, with entire pages having been blacked out by the agency.

- Before the agency was forced to roll out new “stick man” software upgrades, to deflect genuine privacy concerns, the DHS simply lied about the fact that the scanners produced naked images of the body which showed genitalia in crisp detail.

10 Things Citizen Spies Should Report to DHS

Activist Post

The Department of Homeland Security wants the public to be on the prowl for suspicious and criminal behavior. They’ve gone to great lengths to recruit business owners in this effort to report unusual activity.  They’ve struck deals with Google, Facebook, and Twitter to monitor Internet activities.  DHS has also set up fusion centers nationwide to coordinate with local authorities and private sector partners to hunt down potential threats.

Lately, they’ve cranked up their effort to recruit citizen spies through the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign; supported by taxpayer-funded Hollywood-produced commercials texting suspicious behavior? encouraging citizens to be vigilant and report their suspicions to authorities.  Given their Rated “G” audience, they display almost comical scenarios of being politically correct while spying over someone’s shoulder to read their text messages.  Is 

n the recent past, DHS has instructed local authorities to be suspicious of those with Ron Paul bumper stickers, homeschoolers, breastfeeders, and returning veterans.  They have instructed business owners, like hotels, to report people who pay in cash, as well as extremist “preppers.” Is paying in cash now suspicious act?

Well, certainly most Americans are capable of catching bigger fish than those pesky nonconformists.  Why sell our citizens short?  As activists, let’s report the hardcore criminals to DHS when we see something suspicious.  Below is a damning list of some of the criminal behavior to report to our protectors.  Be warned, from this point forward this article becomes Rated “R” and very politically incorrect by naming high-powered enemy combatants.  Someone’s gotta do the DHS’s dirty work.

If You See Something, Say Something

The Dollar Vigilante
Howe Street

The Department of Homeland Security has just released another important video warning the American populace about the scourge of white, yuppy-looking people who leave briefcases unattended!

This, of course, is because of the large amount of briefcases that have been exploding across America killing… zero people.

Once again, Janet Napolitano, is asking that “if you see something, say something”.

We’d like to thank her for once again providing us with the opportunity to point out a few of the suspicious activities we’ve noticed of late.

It’s hard to know where to begin – there are so many things.

We find it suspicious that both Janet Napolitano nor Michael Chertoff have been investigated or charged for their part in the “underwear bomber” fiasco where a man without a passport and actually on the terrorist watch-list was escorted past security and put on the plane with a bomb in his boxers at a time when Chertoff had a stake in the backscatter x-ray machines and was leading the biggest lobby group to have these machines put in all US airports hours after the “attack”.

It’s also suspicious that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have not been arrested for lying to get the US into an occupation of Iraq that has now lasted eight years, cost trillions of dollars and killed tens of thousands of US military and more than a million Iraqi civilians.

It’s also suspicious that it says in the US constitution that nothing but gold or silver can be money used by the Government of the United States yet Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve issue paper units which are said to be the only legal tender in the US by the US Government – and even when asked if “gold is money”, he does not even pay mention to this fact.

Big Sis’ Latest Terrorists: More White Americans

New DHS video ignores previous controversy over deliberate racial overtones

Paul Joseph Watson

Despite causing controversy last month with a video that portrayed white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists, the Department of Homeland Security has released yet another PSA that depicts an attempt to bomb a subway station not by Al-Qaeda Muslims, but well-dressed white people.

A new Public Service Announcement entitled ‘The Drop Off – If You See Something, Say Something’ was unveiled by none other than Big Sis herself, Janet Napolitano, on the Homeland Security website today.

DHS Proposes Secret Watchlist Database, Privacy Groups Protest

By Tiffany Kaiser

The Department of Homeland Security is planning to duplicate the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database to expand an extensive database called Watchlist Service -- and no one can know if they're on the list.

Privacy is a major concern in today's day and age, whether regulators are calling Facebook out on its invasive features like facial recognition or consumers are worrying about new camera technology like license plate recognition and red light camera

Now, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is giving the American people a whole new list of worries in the realm of privacy. According to 
recent reports, DHS is planning to duplicate the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database to expand an extensive database called Watchlist Service, which will include names, birthdays, photos and biometrics of the accused. The new watchlist will combine four different DHS systems of records including IDENT, which is managed by the US-VISIT Program; Treasury Enforcement Communication System (TECS), which is managed by Custom and Border Protection (CBP) Passenger Systems Program Office; Transportation Security Threat Assessment System managed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the TSA's Secure Flight Records. 

The problem is that the DHS has proposed to exempt the Watchlist Service from Privacy Act provisions, which means that a person will never know if they are listed.

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