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The Kick Them All Out Project

Video: Message From Transport Canada

As usual lately, humour about this sort of thing really isn't funny . . . but it certainly does highlight how ABSURD the crap is that is being crammed down our throats.  We have to say NO to all of this insanity!

Video: Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus

This video captures just how close we are to absolute insanity on our planet because it's not too hard to imagine Jack Bauer doing this because "THERE'S JUST NO TIME! WE HAVE TO DO THE MOST INSANE THINGS BECAUSE WE JUST DON'T HAVE ANY TIME TO BE SANE!

U.S. Considers Phone Compainies An "Arm of Government"

By Daniel Tencer
Raw Story

The US government doesn’t have to reveal information about phone companies that may have spied illegally on Americans because those phone companies are an “arm of the government,” the US Justice Department argued in a recent court case.

In a lawsuit over the Bush administration’s decision to give immunity to telecom companies over its warrantless wiretapping program, the Justice Department argued that it doesn’t have to publicly reveal what it discussed with the phone companies because those discussions were “inter-agency communications,” explains Ryan Singel at Wired.

He cites a passage from a court document in which the department argues that “the communications between the agencies and telecommunications companies regarding the immunity provisions of the proposed legislation have been regarded as intra-agency….”

New Government Policy Imposes Strict Standards on Garage Sales Nationwide

By Diane Macedo

Americans who slap $1 price tags on their used possessions at garage sales or bazaar events risk being slapped with fines of up to $15 million, thanks to a new government campaign.

The "Resale Round-up," launched by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, enforces new limits on lead in children's products and makes it illegal to sell any items that don't meet those limits or have been recalled for any other reason.

The strict standards were set in the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act after a series of high-profile recalls of Chinese-made toys.

The standards were originally interpreted to apply only to new products, but now the CPSC says they apply to used items as well.

"Those who resell recalled children's products are not only breaking the law, they are putting children's lives at risk,” said CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum. "Resale stores should make safety their business and check for recalled products and hazards to children."

In order to comply, stores, flea markets, charities and individuals selling used goods — in person or online — are expected to consult the commission's 24-page Handbook for Resale Stores and Product Resellers (pdf) and its Web site for a breakdown of what they can't sell.

Criminalizing Everyone

By Brian W. Walsh
Washington Times

"You don't need to know. You can't know." That's what Kathy Norris, a 60-year-old grandmother of eight, was told when she tried to ask court officials why, the day before, federal agents had subjected her home to a furious search.

The agents who spent half a day ransacking Mrs. Norris' longtime home in Spring, Texas, answered no questions while they emptied file cabinets, pulled books off shelves, rifled through drawers and closets, and threw the contents on the floor.

The six agents, wearing SWAT gear and carrying weapons, were with - get this- the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Kathy and George Norris lived under the specter of a covert government investigation for almost six months before the government unsealed a secret indictment and revealed why the Fish and Wildlife Service had treated their family home as if it were a training base for suspected terrorists. Orchids.

That's right. Orchids.

Mysterious, Unregistered Private Security Firm Policing Montana Town

By Stephen C. Webster
Raw Story

A mysterious, reportedly unregistered and almost entirely unknown private security firm by the name "American Police Force" is causing a stir in a small Montana town for apparently impersonating local police.

According to a local media report, APF representatives were recently seen in the tiny town of Hardin, Montana, driving black SUV's with a peculiar logo and, inexplicably, "City of Hardin Police Department" stamped on the door.

However, Hardin does not have a police force.

The town instead contracts with the Big Horn County Sheriff's Department for patrols, according to KULR 8 in Billings, Montana.

According to the news agency, APF was never given permission to assume policing duties. Instead, the firm -- which the Associated Press reported to be unregistered in government databases -- gained its contract with the town on the promise of bringing inmates to an unpopulated prison complex.

Police To Get Access To Classified Military Intelligence

Here's more evidence that our local police, the people that used to be called "peace officers," have been almost completely federalized and militarized.   This story is being presented as if the police are getting something but it's really the other way around.  The military is being totally integrated into our local police.  If we don't stop this crap, the military will be the police force completely and entirely.  This is what happens when you give the military industrial complex TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars.  

* * * * * * * * * * *

By John Byrne

In a move raising eyebrows among civil liberties advocates, the Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that it would give so-called local and state “fusion centers” access to classified military intelligence in Pentagon databases.

Fusion centers are hubs for local law enforcement, the private sector and the intelligence community, and were created in an effort to fight terrorism. There are more than seventy known centers across the United States.

The decision to give fusion centers access to classified intelligence appears to a shift in policy by Homeland Security. In July, Secretary Janet Napolitano “that fusion centers were not intended to have a military presence, and that she was not aware of ones that did,” according to the New York Times.

Obama Pushes For Renewal Of Warrantless Spying On Americans

President who promised “change” backs renewal of Bush-era Patriot Act provisions

By Paul Joseph Watson


President Barack Obama has once again betrayed his promise to restore liberties eviscerated by the Bush regime by pushing Congress to renew Patriot Act provisions that allow for warrantless spying on American citizens, even in cases where there is no link to terrorism whatsoever.

According to a Wired News report, the “Obama administration has told Congress it supports renewing three provisions of the Patriot Act due to expire at year’s end, measures making it easier for the government to spy within the United States.”

Tenants Fuming As Flats Turned Into "Big Brother House" With 112 CCTV Cameras Installed Inside!

I say quite often on this site that what happens in the UK will be happening here.  No doubt about it.  We are about a year or two behind what is happening in the UK.  The global police state agenda is being put in place everywhere.   We are already seeing CCTV cameras going in all over the U.S.   It's just a matter to "when" not if they will be put in your homes just like they are in the U.K., that is unless we stop it before it happens.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

By Daily Mail Reporter

Furious tenants say security cameras have turned their flats into a huge Big Brother house.

It comes after a housing trust installed up to 112 CCTV cameras in their eight three-storey blocks and pointing towards residents' front doors.

People living there say the move is an invasion of their privacy and fear they will be spied on 24 hours a day.

Government Permission Will Be Required To Travel

By Michael Ostrolenk, Robert E. Smith, Richard Sobel and Jan Towe

Starting this year, Americans will have to get government approval to travel by air. As Privacy Journal revealed last fall, henceforth "Permission Now Needed to Travel Within U.S." Getting a reservation and checking-in for air travel will soon require Transportation Security Administration authorization. That permission is by no means assured: For example, if your name matches a "no-fly" list, even mistakenly, you can be denied the right to a reserve a seat on a flight. If your name is on a "selectee" list, you and your possessions will be searched more thoroughly before you can board. What is going on here?
All travelers will need government OK in order to board a flight, or take a cruise. What the government can allow one day, it can forbid the next.
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