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The Kick Them All Out Project

State and Local Government Info

For info on your state and local government
this web site has it all!

All Federal Representatives By State

NOTICE:  We usually can't get around to updating the incumbents until it gets closer to the elections.  It's a very tedious and time consuming process. But we always get it done in plenty of time.  Currently the lists are updated from Alabama through Maryland. Thanks for your patience.

Here is a quick list of every state and how many federal representatives each state has. Click on your state to see complete and detailed information about every representative.

We need to tip the Congress on it's side, shake vigorously till everyone falls out, and fill it up with fresh faces. We really need to stop sitting on our hands and WAKE UP to what we already know. The people running our government are bought and paid for by corporate special interests and are doing their bidding. THEY DON'T WANT TO CHANGE THINGS. THEY HAVE IT TOO GOOD RIGHT NOW. And the way they've engineered the system, they are virtually guaranteed reelection.

Please find your state in the list below and check out who your state's representatives are and vote their butts out of office!. (There are also links to everyone's Wikipedia file so you can check out their entire political history)

The number next to the state name below is the number of representatives your state has.

Info on your state reps can be found here.
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